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Saturday, May 18:  OPEN 9 am – 1 pm

Sunday, May 19:  OPEN 9:30 am – 1 pm

Monday, May 20:  CLOSED

Tuesday, May 21:  OPEN REGULAR HOURS


SATURDAY NIGHT BOXING #35, Griffins 8th Anniversary, and the Norm Show!

On April 27, 2013 we had another fantastic Saturday Night Boxing (#35 in the series). A huge thank you to Paul our photographer for his amazing photos!! There were many strong clubs from all over the province that came down to go head to head with our amazing Amateur team! The crowd energy gave these athletes the atmosphere they needed to give all they got in the 9 bouts. After the bouts, the crowd stayed to view the special screening of a new biography on the’ “Morgan Freeman” of Griffins’ Norm Gautreau! To view all the photos of the night click here for our Facebook.



Welcome volunteer Coaches Liam and Amanda to the Glove System®. They have gone through the Glove System coaching courses and are highly approved by Coach Dave to help assist your Glove System classes!

“It is times like these that make me so proud…so proud of the achievement of the Glove System…so proud of the Coaches who teach it…and so proud the Glove System is designed to allow young students the chance to learn the sweet science of coaching” – Dave Brett



Testing for this month’s Glove System will be held on 2 days:

Youth and Adult: Green/Blue, Wednesday May 29 (Youth 4 pm, Adult 7:30 pm)

Youth and Adult: White/Yellow, Thursday May 30 (Youth 4:30 pm, Adult 7:30 pm)

As a reminder you need 24 sessions to be qualified to test AND there will be no class to those students who have not qualified. Remember to look at our Glove System wall to see what you will be tested on or ask any of our amazing Coaches your questions you may have.



It’s race season and The Griffins Race Team will be racing in 2 races in the month of June!!

Spartan Race

– June 1st at Mount Seymour

– Race Time is 10 am

– Click here for more details.

Tough Mudder

– June 22nd at Whistler

– Race Time: 12:20 pm

– Click here for more details



Summer is coming fast and each week we are having an amazing sale on our summer Griffins designer clothing! Check out our Facebook page for the latest fantastic item that is on sale!



Boxing as a sport is a lot more than just two guys trading punches. The subtle complexities of what is happening in the ring and behind the scenes often escape the general public, and in some cases even legitimate fans. Here is a LINK to a great article on the 5 myths of boxing.

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