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Before Class

  1. Membership Options – Extend suspensions for Members not comfortable returning during our Soft Reopening.
  2. Our already spectacular facility cleaning protocols have been updated to include professional extra-strength cleaning products to be used when giving the gym a deep clean each day. 
  3. Train Staff so that we all understand the re-opening guidelines for Covid-19. We will ensure training focused on procedures and protocols to continually enhance your safety.
  4. Continue offering virtual classes during our Soft Reopening for those not returning until June.
  5. Use of Mobile Mindbody App to sign-in to classes – Please turn on your email notifications through your Mindbody Account and read your reservation emails for any updates to our policies.

At the Start, During and End of Classes

  1. Arrive on time, but not too early. Please show up no earlier than 10 minutes before class. 
  2. Ensure that Members and Staff are not feeling sick or have any symptoms (runny nose, cough, watering eyes) with a pre-visit health waiver. If you are not feeling 100% – please STAY HOME.
  3. New gym capacity and class size guidelines strictly following COVID-19 protocol.
  4. Suspension of all rental gear and borrowed equipment within the gym.
  5. Install social distance floor stickers of 6ft to maintain adequate gym entrance protocols.
  6. Map out one-way traffic flow to ensure no congestion in pinch points.
  7. Stick to toe taps & mental fist bumps! We ask that everyone limit their contact while in the Gym.
  8. Limit capacity of change rooms to three people at a time (please come prepared to train, if you need a space for your bag, we will have specifically marked areas for bag drop off maintaining social distancing.). We will also put up signs in bathrooms showing proper hand-washing technique and timing.
  9. Add hand-sanitizer stations at contact points.
  10. Each Member is spaced 2 meters apart on designated heavy bags.  There will be a mapped out “workout space” for each Member during off bag exercises.  This will ensure Members maintain proper social distance for the duration of the class.  
  11. There will be no hand target work or coach contact during these times.
  12. Additional cleaning solutions to aid in members wiping down equipment after use.

After Class

  1. Larger than normal gaps between classes will ensure that Staff has time to do a thorough cleaning of bags and equipment in-between classes.
  2. Separate exits for Members to ensure flow of traffic and appropriate social distance.
  3.  Remain positive. Maintain routine. Stay organized.

Special Notes

  1. Practice personal responsibility and attend Griffins Boxing and Fitness at your own risk. If you are in a high risk category or take care of someone who is, we understand that returning to Griffins Boxing and Fitness may not be the right decision for you. By choosing to attend a class at Griffins Boxing and Fitness, even with the increased safety measures, you acknowledge and accept the additional risks associated with the global health pandemic Covid-19.
  2. A full breakdown of our procedure will also be available to you on our Website. Please familiarize yourself with this “new normal” and do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions or concerns. 
  3. If you have recently traveled please do not return to the gym until the government has deemed it safe to.
  4. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or come in contact with someone who has we ask that you refrain from coming to the gym for at least 30 days.
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