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Practicing a sport is easy; you don’t have to be a professional athlete to get visible results and to gain massive health benefits. Fitness is probably the most popular sport in the world when it comes to the general population because everyone turns to fitness when they decide they need to adopt a healthier lifestyle. At Built To Win, we treat fitness as precisely what it is – a scientific method of improving the body and the mind.

But, while practicing fitness is easy, becoming proficient at it is anything but. People fail to realize that, without the best pre-workout strategies in place, not only that their efforts will become futile, but they will also risk accidents in the process. And where we mention pre-workout strategy, we mean two things: physical preparation and pre-workout supplementation.

  1. Physical preparation

Jumping head-first into the training is probably the biggest mistake you will ever do. Often, the last mistake. Physical preparation includes warm-up techniques, combined with short stretching sessions. Many people would skip these entirely due to not wanting to waste time, but fail to realize that these two methods will prevent joint and muscle accidents, as well as increasing performance during the training and speed up recovery. So, reserve 10 minutes for several warm-ups and stretching exercises before any training session; 10 minutes in exchange for eliminating the risk of accidents is a no-brainer.

  1. Pre-workout supplementation

The best pre-workout supplements are those meant to support your body through intense physical workouts and ensure:

  • A constant level of energy throughout the session
  • Boosted endurance to help you withstand higher workout intensities
  • Greater muscular strength
  • Adequate hydration, replenishing the minerals we lose through sweating
  • Preventing cramps and muscle fatigue
  • Support muscle growth
  • Speed up recovery

Without these crucial effects, your performance will be significantly affected both immediately and in the long run. If you have ever asked yourself how some people get faster and bigger results than others, here is your answer.

As it can be seen, the pre-workout preparation is generally as essential as the training itself. Not only that those who ignore it will show a lower rate of development, but they will eventually experience stalling, muscle soreness, lower muscle regeneration, cramps and even accidents, with the potential of removing them from the game for months or even years.

On the same note, supplements have been designed to feed your body with the precise nutrients and substances it needs to grow, recover, and perform at higher levels for increased results. With the help of proper supplementation, you will be able to work harder for longer and make sure your performance will not be affected as time goes by.

The best pre-workout plan has to include both of these aspects if we are to talk about notions like safety, nutritional value, recovery, and physical enhancement. At Built To Win, we only focus on the best ingredients, making for the most effective cocktails in the business. Combine it with a balanced diet and a Spartan workout plan, and there will be nothing stopping you.

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Griffins Boxing & Fitness

Please note: Your privacy is very important to us. The information you provide here stays between you and us, and is for contact purposes only.